What is the Riccon Technique?

The Riccon Technique is a distinctively designed education method and named after the Latin word “riccon” meaning rich, on account of its rich context. Learning through the Riccon Technique is an interactive process where individual training along with a comprehensive insight on body language differs itself from conventional education methods and has more influence. The individual analyzes between right and wrong and sorts them out through body language, leading him/her to develop knowledge, attitude and behavior proper to his/her environment. Therefore the Riccon Technique is practically implemented, reflecting the psychological, humorous and model applications in accordance with the analysis of reactions towards body language and/or psychological situations. The Riccon Technique is a dynamic method, embracing both humor and body language and trainings are generally provided on foot. The first stage of the training delivers practice, while second one offers theoretical information. By the end of the training, you will be able to realize that you have experienced a self-improvement, having a positive impact on your ways of communication. The Riccon Technique can be implemented on many educational scopes.

Riccon Academy